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The 7 Best Beaches in the US Virgin Islands

Who doesn’t love a good beach? If you dream of beaches with super soft sand and crystal-clear water, then you are going to love the destination we’re highlighting: The US Virgin Islands! Not only can you take your relaxation to the max, but you can also snap endless amounts of pictures on some of the world's best beaches. We’re not bragging, it’s true! I still recall how my first view of Magen's Bay took my breath away. The USVI averages 5 beaches on the annual “World’s Best Beaches” list! Check out a few of our favorites to visit.

1. Magen’s Bay

If you’ve ever seen a pretty tropical panorama, chances are it’s Magen’s Bay in St. Thomas! This is one of the most photographed destinations in the Caribbean. Once you see it, you’ll understand, because you won’t want to take your eyes off the beautiful hues below!

2. Honeymoon Beach (either one!)

There are two Honeymoon Beaches in the USVI, one in St. John that has a cute little beach bar and roaming donkeys. The other is just off Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas and was a private residence until the 1990s. 

3. Divi Bay 

This Beach is in St. Croix, and is in a popular resort area. This is 

one of the only all-inclusive resorts in the USVI, which makes this beach for guests only.

4. Caneel Bay

This gem is just north of the bustling Cruz Bay area and has a lovely beach. Many private homes and luxury resorts overlook Caneel Bay, and what a view! 

5. Cinnamon Bay

Located deep within the National Park on St. John, this beach is ready to take your breath away! It’s super serene, and great for nature lovers. 

6. Maho Bay

This one is a favorite of locals, so you know it’s really special! Also in St. John, Maho Bay has super calm and shallow waters, making it great for lazy beach days or travelers with little kids. 

7. Trunk Bay

This one is essentially in a class of its own! Trunk Bay is most often on the world’s best beaches list, more than any of the others. The striking contrast of powder-white sand against the turquoise waters, and then emerald, green foliage is almost surreal. There is so much to do here as well! Not only is the beach expansive, but visitors can hike, snorkel, swim, and enjoy other various water sports on site. 

Ready to get your beach on? Then you need to head to the USVI! With some of the most incredible beaches in the world, you may just find yourself going back time and time again. Contact me to begin your adventure.


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