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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Toronto

Whether you’re traveling solo or planning a vacation with your favorite people, there’s always the issue of where to go. In some cases, international travel may come to mind, but planning a trip that isn’t going to hurt your wallet can quickly deter such plans. However, when it comes to international locales, there’s one that won’t leave you penniless while still allowing you to enjoy all the perks of a much-needed getaway: Toronto.

I first went to Toronto on a trip to Niagara Falls. I wasn't really planning to spend any time there because my goal was the falls. I'm so glad that a friend encouraged me to check out this bustling city. Not only is Toronto the largest city in Canada, but it has quickly become known for its multicultural opportunities. Broken up into Old Toronto and New Toronto, each district has its unique sense of identity and cultural offerings. It truly is the perfect choice for those looking to reap the rewards of international travel without having to travel far or break the bank.

And to help get your Canadian adventure started, here are ten things to see and do in Toronto.

1. The CN Tower - The CN Tower comes in at just over 550 meters tall and is the perfect opportunity for visitors to get a bird’s eye view of Toronto. It also has one of the highest glass floor elevators in the world.

2. The Royal Ontario Museum - Looking to embark on a journey through Canada’s rich history? This is the place. With more than six million artifacts, this museum is packed with over 40 galleries of minerals, dinosaur bones, paintings, and other fine arts.

3. Kensington Market - Kensington Market is the prime location to explore the arts within Toronto. This former Jewish market is filled with fresh food, clothing stores, and unusual cafes. This is also a prime location to find local street artists and musicians performing for a crowd.

4. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada - Housing more than 13,000 exotic marine animals, the Ripley’s Aquarium holds more than 5.7-million-gallons of water. Split up into nine galleries, each section of the aquarium highlights a specific geographical location or species of marine life.

5. Casa Loma - This once Gothic castle is now a museum with revived architecture and towers on full display. Check out the suites, and stables, and even wander the gardens on your own or with self-guided audio tours.

6. Distillery District - Recently declared a National Historic Site of Canada, the district is full of residential and commercial buildings that serve as the most extensive collection of Victorian-era industrial architecture. The Distillery District also houses art galleries and jewelers, and once Christmas time comes, it transforms into a fantastic Christmas Market.

7. Hockey Hall of Fame - Come face-to-face with the Stanley Cup as it sits in the center of the Great Hall, or simply explore any number of the 15 exhibits displaying various trophies and hockey memorabilia.

8. Art Gallery of Ontario - This is Canada’s largest art gallery. Housed inside is one of the largest collections of Henry Moore’s sculptures. You can also check out rotating exhibits as well as a spectacular collection of European paintings.

9. The Entertainment District - Toronto is home to many large entertainment venues and companies that have been entertaining the masses for ages. The Canadian Opera Company, the National Ballet of Canada, and the Toronto Symphony Orchestra all call Toronto home. There are also numerous performing arts venues within walking distance of the district.

10. Toronto Zoo - With more than 5,000 animals living in both indoor and outside displays, the Toronto Zoo has many zones that are packed with rare sights such as the white rhinoceros, Western grey kangaroos, as well as spotted hyenas, and wallabies.

Are you ready to book a vacation to see our friends in the North? If so, contact me and we can start etching out the details on your Toronto trip!


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